New York fashion week: day 5
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During my last day of New York Fashion Week I attended the Milly fashion show. For the occasion I was wearing a total look by Milly.

It was absolutely one of my favorite fashion shows of the New York fashion week. The clothes were funny and absolutely wearable.

The colors were bright and the shapes were geometric and this made the collection youthful, sporty and still glam.

I really liked the make-up: very natural with a neon hue across the lash line, that I need to try, definitely. Very simple, it’s very clean, very modern it’s a little bit minimal. And be ready, because you’ll see a lot of sunglasses like these during the next season. :)

L’ultimo giorno di fashion week ho assistito alla sfilata di Milly. Per l’occasione indossavo naturalmente un total look firmato Milly.

La sfilata è stata una tra le più belle a cui ho assistito durante la NYFW, gli abiti sono allegri e portabilissimi. Il colore è la chiave principale della nuova collezione. Le tinte accese sono spesso affiancate all’argento e a disegni geometrici, che contribuiscono a dare un richiamo sportivo alla collezione pur rimanendo molto chic.

Carina anche l’idea del make-up semplice reso particolare dalla line di eye-liner gialla: assolutamente da provare. E preparatevi, perchè gli occhiali che indossano le modelle saranno molto presenti nella prossima stagione. Troppo azzardati? Ne riparleremo :)

I was wearing:

  • Dress by Milly
  • Bag by Milly
  • Shoes by Zara



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