simplicity is the key

- July 6, 2014 By: Veronica Ferraro - 39 Comments


When I started the blog, more than 4 years ago, I thought that the easy looks weren’t very interesting. I liked to exaggerate, I used to hate sneakers and flat shoes in general and I always wore high heels, dresses and skirts. The jeans were banned, not to mention jeans paired with a simple white blouse: too simple, too obvious.
Over the years I have realized that in everyday life (and beyond) are simplicity and comfort always rewarding. A simple white silk blouse, like this from TUWE, manages to be sophisticated in its simplicity.

Regarding jeans, although I admit not be the height of elegance, lately I love the boyfriend & destroyed ones. I find them wonderful both paired with flat shoes (such as a nice pair of “slip on”) than with a pair of colorful sandals.

What do you think? I wish you a wonderful day!

I was wearing:
-Blouse by Tuwe
-Jeans by Zara
-Bag by Chloé