Mykonos life: best beaches

- June 8, 2014 By: Veronica Ferraro - 43 Comments


Many of you have asked me what to see in Mykonos, where to eat and which are the best beaches on the island. In this post I begin by telling you my experience about this last point. During the week I spent in Greece I visited 5 different beaches. Here are my opinions about them:

- If you’re looking for fun, people and the nightlife the perfect beaches for you are: Paradise and Super Paradise . Even if I visited out of season, I found them both more crowded than the other. The fun here continues until late at night, with music and parties.

- Elia was the closest beach to my hotel. It ‘a beach with white sand and turquoise water. If you love water sports is perfect, I’ve tried the watercraft and there are many more!

- Agios Sostis is the beach next to the church where I took some of these photos. Situated in the north of the island is ideal for those seeking tranquility and for the ones who love public beaches not equipped. As the only flaw, if you really want to find one, it is quite breezy.

-I have left for last my favorite beach: Fokos . It’s one of the lesser known beaches of the island since to reach it you have to travel a long and dirt road, but it is definitely worth it. The water is crystal clear and the tavern adjacent to the beach is something not to be missed! Try the grilled squid, you will not regret.

I leave you to the photos!

I was wearing:
-Trousers by Fairly
-Sandals by Eddie Daniele