everything you can imagine is real

- May 24, 2014 By: Veronica Ferraro - 48 Comments


When I think about the past the images in my head are like pictures connected by words I’ve said and heard. As in a photo album my experiences are divided into chapters with different titles and this chapter would be called: “Everything you can imagine is real”. This quote by Pablo Picasso has always been one of my favourite, therefore I decided to engrave it on my new Proverbia ring, from the Nardelli Jewels brand. This brand tries to revive different Italian proverbs inserting them into handcrafted jewellery, in order to obtain a unique product for the person who wears it.

Visiting the website you can choose a typical Italian proverb or, if you prefer, the quote or sentence more representative for you, as I did.

For today’s look I chose something the could represent my sentence, cheerful, thanks to Jasmin playsuit from IT SHOES, light and delicate but refined at the same time. To complete the look, as you might noticed, stan smith shoes that I suggest you to dig out of the closet for this summer!

And what about you? What title would you give to your life right now? Which proverb or sentece would you choose?

Good weekend everyone!

I was wearing:
-Playsuit by IT SHOES
-Ring by Proverbia
-Sneakers by Adidas
-Bag by Valentino from Monnier Frères